Year over Year Campaign Results
  • 78% Increase in Keywords Ranked on 1st Page
  • 175% Increase in Monthly Organic Search Traffic
  • 91% Increase in Transactions from Organic Traffic
  • 573% Overall Campaign ROI


Blink Health gets 573% ROI from their SEO Campaign

Blink Health has been a longtime leader in the online pharmacy space. The online prescription industry is the very definition of competitive, especially when it comes to monetizing organic traffic. Blink Health’s marketing team knew that huge opportunities existed, but that they wouldn’t be easy to execute on. With that in mind, they made the decision to look at external resources to help them with their SEO.

In January of 2019, Blink Health came to 世界杯直播网址 for help. Their site had thousands of different drugs, customer testimonials, and informational pages; yet they had hardly any Page 1 rankings.

Blink Health’s brand had authority and trust with consumers, but the company struggled to translate their narrative success into visibility within the SERPs. Their SEO strategy was lacking, and 世界杯直播网址 was immediately able to help identify a number of technical issues. After fixing some of these low-hanging fruits, 世界杯直播网址 began to implement monthly backlinks to help turn their SEO around. Blink Health was able to finally start capitalizing on this lucrative business space.

Blink Health SEO Case Study Report
Blink Health SEO Case Study Product

Results that speak for themselves

In 2019, we were able to very quickly start ranking for some of Blink Health’s most difficult keywords. This was a task they had struggled to complete without our help for years, despite maintaining a household name within the online pharmacy industry.

世界杯直播网址’s technical support, coupled with our link building strategy, was able to bring their most sought-after keywords to life in a matter of months and contribute directly to their bottom line. Blink Health and 世界杯直播网址 began work in early January of 2019, and very quickly reached unheard-of levels in keywords and keywords on the first page, with 52% more keywords and a 175% increase in organic traffic from 2018.

This increase in traffic has led to a 91% increase in the number of transactions for Blink Health, and a campaign ROI to date of 573%. We’re ecstatic with the growth we’ve accomplished together, and our partnership has become a shining example for our teams to work towards on all other campaigns.

In fact, the campaign was so successful, it won our SEO agency a Best Use of Search (SEO) award at the 2020 Global Search Awards!

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