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  • Google CTR up 23,249% YOY
  • Ranked Page 1 Keywords from 0 to 1,533 YOY
  • #1 "personal injury attorney salt lake city"


How 世界杯直播网址 Catapulted Valiente Mott's Search Traffic by 2,987%

Valiente Mott is a Las Vegas law firm dedicated to helping personal injury victims. Partner Tim Mott came to 世界杯直播网址 in August 2019, looking for a straightforward approach to growing their organic search traffic in service of more new business.

With only 2-4 leads resulting in one new case per month, they wanted to expand their web leads by 100x. Valiente Mott was ready to roll up their sleeves and get some work done.

The 世界杯直播网址 Strategy

世界杯直播网址 addressed Valiente Mott’s pain points head-on with a strategic, custom campaign designed to target their local audiences. We started with a comprehensive audit to diagnose any technical issues that might be causing their low search visibility.

Mitigating Toxic Backlinks

When we found low-quality backlinks that were suppressing Valiente Mott’s credibility and authority signals for search, we prioritized quality link building services to improve their visibility as quickly as possible. We focused backlinking efforts on their conversion-focused pages, driving qualified leads directly from discovery to purchase for bottom-line impact.

Optimizing for Traffic That Converts

A conversion analysis created laser-focused intent in our keyword theme research and drove qualified traffic to key conversion pages — serving their goal of increasing online lead generation.

Local Focus For Big Impact

We optimized Valiente Mott’s Google My Business profile with a Local Citation Audit and Cleanup to improve their local search rankings and make sure that the people in their area who needed them most could find them.

"Their results are unparalleled. They follow through on their promises.”
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Tim Mott, Partner

The Results

Strategic Keywords Climbing the Ranks

Facing tough competition from other personal injury law firms, Valiente Mott needed to start ranking for keywords related to their core business. The ranking progression for “auto accident attorney las vegas” shows a steep increase straight out of the gate and a steady climb up the SERPs from beyond page five to position five within the first year of our partnership.
Valiente Mott Similarly, their ranking for “personal injury attorney salt lake city” shows an immediate uptick at the start of their campaign, moving up from the depths of search results to land them in the second position within 12 months.

Aggregate Position Change +8,223

Since the start of our campaign with Valiente Mott, their tracked keywords have grown an aggregate of 8,223 positions.
These are some of the most notable increases:

90.65% New Sessions

The increase in new sessions represents an addition of 85,000 new organic visitors to Valiente Mott’s site.

Here’s a look at the same time span’s year-over-year increase in organic clicks and impressions:

Site Performance

This screenshot highlights the organic performance of Valiente Mott’s site over the last year. The total number of ranking keywords shows at around 11,000 and represents a 5,400% increase since the start of our partnership.

Their Secret to Success? Partnership

Valiente Mott’s biggest competitors were so stunned by their sudden domination of local search rankings that they couldn’t help but ask what their secret is.

It’s no secret. A committed SEO agency , a solid strategy, and implementing recommended changes turned Valiente Mott from impossible to find to impossible to ignore.

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